Documentation for developers


The system provides REST API for interaction of third-party applications and Web applications with the system.

Validation, triggers and templates

You can use objects of system in triggers, validation and twig templates.

Daemon Collector

For tracking online-status of customer on the site, installation of capture form or rapid sending of application form from site to system it is recommended to use Daemon Collector.

Catalog uploading into the system

You can upload the catalog into system in ICML format. Detailed description of ICML format is below. Uploading of catalog can be set up in section Stores.

Libraries for working with API

There are ready to use API client for several programming languages. You have to use it for integration with retailCRM.

Integration modules for CMS

You may use ready-made integration modules for CMS. These modules interact with system API.

The rest CMS from list on our site are being integrated by means of Legacy module.

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